April 16th, 2013

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On the experience of waiting

Y'all have been following XKCD's "Time", right? If not: Over three weeks ago, XKCD's comic was an image of two people sitting on the ground. The mouseover text was, "wait for it". Every half hour, the image updated (the updates have since slowed to 1 per hour). It is still going. over 650 frames later. Here's a site that's been tracking it. It's not even that it's the best XKCD comic ever -- there are a dozen XKCD strips that I think of on a regular basis, and a few that still make me smile even though I've read them multiple times. But it's such a totally strange way to read a comic. And it's still not clear what the comic is about. Which maybe explains the addiction. I guess that's what people got out of Lost (I haven't actually watched it myself). Or some of why I used to read Hitherby.

But with books, the waiting thing can be totally frustrating. Like, I don't really care when the next _Walls of the Universe_ novel comes out. Because yes, there are things I would like to know about the multiverse, and yes, I believe it will be reasonably diverting, but ultimately, the mystery can wait. Whereas with _The Steerswoman_ series, every time I think of it, I get annoyed that there's not more. And I haven't started the second R. Scott Bakker trilogy because I'm going to be annoyed if I start it and then have to wait a couple years for the remainder. I might even wait until the third series is complete. Then if it turns into the Wheel of Time (which I quit after book 9, but should have quit earlier), I won't have wasted the time.

I don't really have a thesis here -- just some random thoughts.

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